What Lee County Strikers Stands For

Goals and Vision for Lee County Strikers.

  1. To establish and maintain the highest standards of coaching and player development.
  2. To create an environment free of ridicule, where players are not afraid to make mistakes.
  3. To adopt a game concept that is clearly recognized throughout the club.
  4. To implement modern coaching methods that foster the established game concept.
  5. To produce players commensurate with world-class standards.
  6. To be recognized as the leader in player development.
  7. Help players recognize that the team comes first, but individualism is encouraged if team efficiency is not compromised.


  1. Players of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  2. We want our players to recognize and embrace the value of hard work and good character.
  3. We wish to provide a place for every player to learn, participate and enjoy the sport. Regardless of ability level, we hope to maximize the potential of every player by placing them in an environment commensurate with their ability. We believe that placing players appropriately allows us to design more meaningful, ability specific training sessions.

Core Values

 All members will be required to respect the game, players, opponents, team values, officials, staff, parents and coaches.

  1. We will embrace different cultures.
  2. We will value work ethic and emphasize good character.
  3. Humility
  4. Self-belief.
  5. Accountability for ourselves and each other to create the appropriate training environment.
  6. Accept that mistakes are part of the game.


We wish to be known as a club that develops players internally, plays an aggressive attacking style, defends with enthusiasm, produces players with a high level of technical ability and tactical awareness. We also wish to portray sportsmanship and class in victory and defeat.

Lee County Style of Play

  1. We will foster an attacking style of play.
  2. Possession-oriented with the intent to break lines.
  3. Fast paced and advancing the ball in short sharp increments.
  4. Creativity in the final third.
  5. Multi-faceted approach to attack (central overloads and combinations, combined with flank play).
  6. Capture the ball as quickly as possible, but recognize when protecting the goal takes precedence.
  7. Defend with the same level of enthusiasm as we attack.
  8. Attack and defend as an organized, cohesive unit.
  9. Display the ability to play out of the four moments of the game and the variables of each moment.
    • When we are in possession (Attacking)
    • When we gain possession (Transition)
    • When the opponents are in possession (Defending)
    • When we lose possession (Transition)

Teaching Methodology

  1. We will adopt a tactical periodization model.
  2. Sessions will be cognitive in nature, appealing to fluid intelligence in order to improve problem-solving abilities.
  3. The training environment will be realistic and functionally specific. (In the appropriate areas of the field and replicating the specific player’s roles and responsibilities.)
  4. Technical work will be done in meaningful situations to foster relevant skill application.
  5. Sessions will be designed with a purpose and objective. Always addressing a phase of the game, relationships, and a collective understanding of what we are trying to accomplish as a team.