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An interview with our Club President

Latest Strikers News

A Change is a Coming!
Director of Coaching and the Lee County Strikers Board Decide to Make Changes

Congratulations to our 2004 Girls Team and Coaches
2018 President’s Cup Champions – The girls and coaches should take great pride in this tremendous achievement and all of us at the Lee County Strikers are very proud of them!

Lee County Strikers announce their new Technical
Directors of the Boys and Girls programs.
Please congratulate Felix Acosta and Andre Nesfield
who’ve just been named as the Technical Directors of
the Boys and Girls programs.

2018-19 Tryout Dates Announced
This year’s tryouts for the Competitive and
Academy Boys and Girls teams will be held at Kelly Rd
Soccer Complex between May 7th and May 10th.

New 2018-19 Competitive and Academy Uniforms Revealed
Click the link above to check them out.

An interview with our Director of Coaching

An interview with our Executive Director

At the Strikers, the game isn’t all about winning, but we have a set of core values and a club philosophy that are at the heart of everything that we do. Below we have documented these values and our philosophy so that you can become familiar with them and understand why we do things the way that we do them.

Goals and Vision

  1. To establish and maintain the highest level of coaching and player development
  2. To produce players commensurate with world class standards
  3. To adopt a game concept that facilitates player identification and selection

Club Culture, Core Values and Identity

  1. Respect the game, players, team values, officials, staff, parents and yourself
  2. Accept and embrace different cultures
  3. Understand the value of a strong work ethic
  4. Have humility
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Be accountable to yourself and each other to create the appropriate training environment
  7. Accept that mistakes are part of the development process
  8. Diversity is strongly encouraged
  9. Accessibility to all, who wish to participate in soccer

Style of Play Within the Club

  1. Possession oriented with intent to break lines
  2. High tempo and attack minded. Advance the ball quickly in short sharp increments
  3. Creativity in the final third
  4. Multifaceted approach to attack (central overloads and combinations, combined with flank play)
  5. Capturing the ball as quickly as possible, but recognizing when protecting the goal takes precedence
  6. We will defend with the same level of enthusiasm as we attack
  7. Attack and defend as a cohesive unit

Define the Soccer Teaching Methodology

  1. Cognitive in nature. Appealing to fluid intelligence, in order to improve problem solving abilities
  2. Reality based and functionally specific
  3. Touches of the ball in meaningful situations to foster relevant skill application
  4. Training new skills on progressively more challenging levels.