Travel Policy

Travel Policy

Coach’s Travel Reimbursement Policy

Coaches will be reimbursed for league and tournament expenses per the following schedule:

All Games, Scrimmages or Academy Friendly Matches:

No reimbursement. Home games include all games within a 50 mile radius of Kelly Road Soccer Complex (whether home or away)

Premier League Game Weekends where overnight stay is required: Food Allowance – $60 per weekend event for two scheduled games (Sat. and Sun.); $15 for single away game (Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, etc.). No food allowance if games are played in the greater Fort Myers area. Hotel to be paid by the team for one night (typically Saturday) if played in area where overnight stay is not required. (Tampa, S. Florida)

Mileage Allowance –$0.20 per mile, outside the 50 mile radius. Mileage starts at mile 51, example Lake Myrtle Sports Complex in Auburndale is roughly 120 miles one way, Coach would be reimbursed for 140 miles (50 miles x 2 removed due to radius rule.)

Home Tournaments: Food Allowance – May eat at Kelly Road Concession Stand during tournament with a food voucher ($7.00)

Away Tournaments where overnight stay is not required: (Tampa, Bradenton, Auburndale, etc.) Food Allowance – $20 per day;

Away Tournaments where overnight stay is required: Food Allowance – $40 per day (3 meals)

Hotel Room Allowance – Either the Team Manager will pick up the room charge or the coach will be reimbursed for the room charge. Coaches will be reimbursed for ONLY the standard double room rate plus tax. Any extra expenses, i.e. phone calls, room service, movie rental, hot tub, oceanfront room, etc., will be paid for by the coach.

Note: To help reduce team costs, coaches will adhere to the following guidelines:

Coaches are encouraged to ride with their Team Managers whenever possible to reduce cost. If a Coach has a child/family member on the team, the Coach will not be reimbursed for mileage. Exception would be for family member (non child) where coach has to arrive at a different time due to check in or coaching of another team.

A team will only pay mileage, room and meal expenses for one coach. This will normally be the coach listed first on the team roster. The primary coach will be responsible for reimbursing the secondary coach for any expenses.

Coaches will normally be expected to travel daily to tournaments and/or away games that are 140 miles or less from the Kelly Road Soccer Complex. Exceptions, approved by DOC, may be made for early morning game starts.

Whenever possible, coaches will travel together and room together. Mileage will only be paid to one coach driving his vehicle. Teams will equally share hotel room allowance, mileage and food allowance if a coach is traveling with 2 teams.

Coaches will minimize the nights spent in hotels. I.e. starting game times will be considered before automatically assuming 2 nights for tournaments that are more than 140 miles from the Kelly Road Soccer Complex.

*Reimbursement for Away Scrimmages will be limited to 2 per season. A coach may schedule more than 2 away scrimmages, however, he/she will only receive reimbursement for expenses for 2 scrimmages per season.

Team Accounts: If money is being collected in advance, team account statements and updates are to be provided to the team parents and DOC on a monthly basis. All receipts for Hotels should be kept by team manager until the end of the season.

Coaching 2 teams and travel expenses:

Questions have arisen about paying coaching travel expenses when a coach has 2 teams that play games on the same day.

Whether it is a league game, tournament, state cup, or any other travel event, the teams will share the expense of the coach. This includes splitting mileage expense, hotel expense and meal reimbursement expense.

It is important for you to communicate with the team manager of the coach’s other team to discuss and handle the sharing of the coaching expenses.

In the event the coach has venues that are more than 20 miles apart (1-way), the teams should calculate the additional mileage and share the expense of round-trip travel to the other venue. For example, teams that participate in a league could be playing at venues that are quite far apart. In this event, the team managers will work together to determine if the mileage to travel between the 2 venues is greater than 20 miles and then determine the additional mileage reimbursement that will be paid to the coach and split that evenly between the 2 teams.

Example: Coach X coaches both the Team A and the Team B. Both teams are participating in the Tampa league. The venues are 26.58 miles apart (1-way). The 2 teams would pay split the cost of standard roundtrip mileage to the farthest field and add in the following: 27 miles x 2 (round-trip) =54 miles 54 miles x 2 days = 108 miles 108 miles x $0.20 per mile = $21.60. Each team would pay half of $21.60 or $10.80 in additional mileage.

Assistant Coaches:

Assistant coaches are not paid for travel expenses or meal expenses unless they are the only coach traveling with the team. For example, Head Coach X becomes ill and cannot travel to Tampa to coach a game. Assistant Coach Y travels and coaches the team. Assistant Coach Y receives the payment for travel expense for that day. If an Assistant Coach travels with the Head Coach for league games and/or tournaments, the Head Coach is responsible for any reimbursement to the Assistant Coach (unless worked out with the team and the manager ahead of time). Normally the 2 coaches will share a hotel room and ride together in the same vehicle.