Dear Community Business Leader:

We are the oldest existing soccer club in Lee County, established since 1986. We provide a popular and well organized youth soccer program providing opportunities for children ages 4-18 and have served over 850 children annually.

We offer several programs including:

  • Recreational Soccer
  • Competitive Soccer
  • College Placement Assistance
  • Soccer Day Camps
  • Private Training

Our sponsorship program gives businesses in the area the chance to invest in our youth. We have various sponsorship opportunities to choose from, and whether you choose to sponsor the club as a whole, or an individual team, you are going to make a huge difference in being able to provide opportunities that these kids might have had without your help.

By offering to act as a sponsor we of course would like to be able to give something back to you by bringing exposure to your business. During the season we have in excess of 3,000 people in attendance at the Kelly Road Soccer Complex on weekends. Plus during the week vast numbers of parents are in attendance at the fields while their children are at practice. Certain types of sponsorship do offer a banner that will be placed around the perimeter of the soccer fields and these do offer major exposure. In addition, all sponsorship do come with a banner that would be placed on our website and offer a clickable link back to your website. Of course these things are great to have, but the real benefit is knowing that you are helping local kids and the club as a whole.

Sponsorship monies cover over 50% of all of the club’s yearly expenses and the club would not be able to continue without the generous support of our sponsors!

All sponsorship money is invested back into the club in the form of:

  • providing soccer scholarship opportunities for underprivileged children
  • soccer field maintenance
  • maintenance and purchase of new equipment e.g. soccer goals and nets, benches, etc.
  • referee fees
  • professional trainers
  • assistance towards competitive league fees
  • help towards the expense of running the club house
  • club administration
  • website administration

Below is the list of club sponsorships and team fundraising opportunities that we have available (please click the links to see what each type of sponsorship offers):

Club Fundraising:

Supporters Club Up to $500, includes:

  • signage (1) at Kelly Road,
  • company name or name posted on website on Donor List


Strikers Club $500-1000, includes:

  • signage (2) at Kelly Road,
  • website (link),
  • picture in clubhouse,
  • name posted on website


Goalscorer’s Club $1000-5000, includes:

  • signage (3) at Kelly Road,
  • website (link),
  • picture in clubhouse w DOC,
  • name posted on website


Cup Champions Club $5000-10000, includes:

  • tournament naming rights,
  • signage at Kelly Road (4),
  • website (link),
  • picture w team w DOC,
  • name on website


Champions League Club $10,000, includes:

  • practice gear/game jersey naming rights,
  • signage at Kelly Road (6),
  • website (link),
  • picture w Teams/Coaches,
  • name on website

-all receive 501c3 letter for IRS tax exemption status


Banner Advertising – (To advertise on a specific team page, go to that team’s profile page and click the link to complete the advertising form)

  • Static horizontal banner at the bottom of the specific team page with corporate logo placement hyperlink to the advertiser’s website (minimum donation of $200) – This banner will remain in place for the duration of the season and will not be shared with multiple advertisers.
  • Rotational square banner on the side of the specific team page with corporate logo placement with hyperlink to advertiser’s website (minimum donation of $100) – These banner slots will be shared with various other companies and will randomly appear when the team page is diplayed on visitors’ monitor
  • Field Banners (approx 3′ x 5′ in size)
  • Premium Position (Field 3):

minimum donation of $400 for a Sponsor (after mandatory sponsorship)

  • Standard Position (everywhere except Field 3):

minimum donation of $300 for a Sponsor (after mandatory sponsorship)

  • Work Orders for Field Banners will be submitted 3 times a year:

ArtWork and Payment received by August 15th ………………. Banner up by September 1st

ArtWork and Payment received by November 15th ………….. Banner up by December 1st

ArtWork and Payement received by February 15th …………. Banner up by March 1st

All Field Banners will be removed after tryouts (regardless of the date they were put up)

Note: Anything over and above the amounts denoted above will go directly into the individual team accounts for their use throughout the season. For more details please contact the head coach.

Thank you for your support!

* Sponsorship monies must be received on or prior to June 1st to ensure business name is printed on jerseys prior to order