Development v Winning

Development v Winning

While we feel it is an essential component that our players have the desire win the game, be it in training or in a competitive game, winning is NOT the primary objective of our club.

Our primary objective is centered around, and driven by, the goal of developing individual high-level players in a competitive environment.

To achieve this objective, it is essential that we allow players to make mistakes even if we lose games in doing so. For example, a pass back may be intercepted by a striker when the outside back fails to put the right pace on the ball while passing back to the goalkeeper to maintain possession. The tactical thought was correct but the weight of the pass was the mistake. This is the only way the coaching staff can analyze those mistakes, help our players correct them, and ask them to try again the next time. In short, if the players are not allowed to make mistakes then they are not allowed to develop.

We believe that winning games will ultimately be a byproduct of our ability to develop well-rounded footballers. Therefore, winning every game is not our primary objective and will not be how we measure our success as a club. However, there are times when winning a particular game may be beneficial for a particular age group, team, or the club in general.