Academy Teams

Lee County Strikers Development Academy

Academy Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the ability to produce well rounded technically proficient soccer players who can manage the ball wherever they are on the field. It encourages players to get on the ball, hence, developing their technical and decision making abilities giving them the best opportunity to fulfill potential and play at the highest level.

We teach the importance of development and sportsmanship, not winning, of course we expect the players to want to win, but we expect coaches to want to develop and take ownership of the players mistakes so they play with freedom.

At the academy phase emphasis is on individual technical development giving the players the tools they need to play the game. whilst we will have a central playing philosophy, we also feel that it is important to give players the opportunity to be independent decision makers and the majority of instruction will be within practices.

As you may be aware there have been changes to how players are separated into their respective age groups. This season’s age groups are identified below.

  • U10 – Players born in 2007
  • U9 – Players born in 2008
  • U8 – Players born in 2009
  • Pre-Academy – Players born in 2010

Academy Program

Strikers has new leadership, a new direction and club philosophy, one that is built upon development and learning. Our principles will guide us as we help our Strikers develop into well rounded technically proficient players. This season our Academy program has been revamped and we have relied on the work of experts and notable leaders in Soccer such as Jose Ramon Alexanco, Youth Director at FC Barcelona and US Soccer’s Youth Technical Director, Claudio Reyna when creating our Academy curriculum.
We firmly believe that our Academy is the strongest program in the area and we have committed high level coaches to ensure that players develop the fundamentals to move forward in the game, all our Academy coaches are USSF Licensed.

Team Training – Monday & Wednesday 6-7.15pm

Little Strikes Futbol League – Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm.

Price $395 (Uniforms not included)


  • Season will be September to May
  • Strikers Academy is divided into six separate programs, by age and gender:  U8-U10 both Boys and Girls.
  • Each pool of players receives training from our licensed professional coaching staff and has two team training sessions per week.
  • Access to our exclusive Little Strikes Futbol League.
  • Participation in Inter-Club Jamborees.
  • Players will be encouraged to use both feet in all training sessions.
  • Improving technique, teamwork, effort and discipline are the foundations at this age.
  • Training will be at Kelly Road Soccer Complex.
  • We will also offer soccer homework as part of our curriculum.
  • Players will be exposed to multiple positions throughout the seasonal year (including GK) to improve their all around understanding and knowledge of the game.
  • FYSA Player Registration.
  • Supplemental Accident Insurance Coverage.
  • League Registration Fees.
  • Referee Fees for League play.
  • Strikers will also make available new and exclusive offers to our Academy players.

This season we also offer some special 30th Anniversary deals:

  • If you join our academy you will be guaranteed a spot in our program for the length of the program, i.e. if you join our U8 Academy program you will automatically secure a place up to U10. If you join our Pre-Academy you will automatically be offered a spot in our Academy next season.
  • Also, if you join our Academy now, you will receive a price freeze. $395 will be the guaranteed fee you will pay for the Academy up to U10, regardless of whether the fees increase in the future.

Thanks for being a part of our Strikers family, we look forward to celebrating our 30th Anniversary season with you and are optimistic it will be our best season yet.

Peter Thomas
Director of Academy Soccer
Lee County Strikers